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12 April 2017
Had outstanding trip today on the waters around Sanibel. My son and I landed over 60 fish in 6 hours thanks to the knowledge and guide of Capt Kenton.
More snook than we could have dreamed of landing, two large redfish, trout and also some grouper were caught by both of us.

We highly recommend this boat

- Bob Cregg, Buffalo, NY.

Inshore Slam

28 Mar 17
"Capt. Kenton Linthout took us out on an educational fishing charter on Tuesday morning and exceeded our expectations in every regard. We were immediately put at ease by his relaxed yet focused demeanor. His knowledge of the local water and fish behavior is exceptional and his high level of technical knowledge and his eagerness to share that knowledge with us made for an experience we will not soon forget. We caught plenty of fish and ended the day feeling confident that we will do it again the next time we go out. His enthusiasm and friendly, personable manner made us feel as though we had spent the day fishing with a good friend. Thank you Capt. Kenton."
- Ed Comitz, Cape Coral, Florida.

Big Snookbarracuda

"We went out on Friday Feb 10th, at last minute. Impressed at how prepared the guide was. Also of his Knowledge of area as well as types of fish we were catching. Informed guide we were interested in catching fish to take home to eat, not interested in just trophy fishing. Went to 4 different spots and we indeed caught plenty to eat, including redfish that were outstanding cooked on grill. Thank you. I would highly recommend!" - Tom Bell and John Reinert from KY

redfishRed Drumsnooksnook mangrovesSheepsheadconvict fish
"Captain Kenton Linthout is awesome! He is very determined to make sure that you have an amazing fishing experience. He is great at finding and helping you catch the fish you are interested in! If you are looking for the perfect inshore fishing trip look no further, because he is the best!" - Katie Mcardle. Ft. Myers, FL
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So windy, yeah. Fished with an RAFC member today on my monthly freebie trip, wind wasn't too big of a factor and we caught some good fish but definitely had to work for them.

SnookBait was a bitch, small on the beaches, some at C-span, little more at B-span. Decent numbers of med size snook around mangroves in medium depth and moderate current. Islands north of the causeway. We got about a dozen from 22-27.999 inches. Picked up 5 redfish right around 18” on the edge of a shallow oyster bar as well as a 22” trout.

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