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02 November 2016
Captain's day off fishing with Capt. Brant and Capt. Eric
SnookSnookWe hit the causeway before sunrise chasing the Tarpon that have been hanging around there. Got 4 strikes at first light on a big spool tek swimbait but I couldn't keep them buttoned. Fishing big live baits wasn't even feasablile with the amount of big spanish and juvenile king mackeral around. Lots of bait, big ones tight to the colums and small scattered everywhere around. Wound up with a 22.5" gag (seems to be plenty of these now they changed the limit to 24") also got a 35" and 36" Snook.


26 October 2016
Flats Fishing with Reel Anglers Fishing Club
So windy, yeah. Fished with an RAFC member today on my monthly freebie trip, wind wasn't too big of a factor and we caught some good fish but definitely had to work for them.
Bait was a bitch, small on the beaches, some at C-span, little more at B-span. Decent numbers of med size snook around mangroves in medium depth and moderate current. Islands north of the causeway. We got about a dozen from 22-27.999 inches. Picked up 5 redfish right around 18” on the edge of a shallow oyster bar as well as a 22” trout.
Water temp has dropped 5 degrees since Friday snook are tight under the bushes and don’t want to come out, have to throw way underneath, few came out for a skitter walk but missed or shook hooks.

Flipper, birds and boaters had it out for us today. They did swap ramps at Punta Rassa while we were out. Working on the North side and docks now. South docks are done and open, ramp is good, same angle, maybe 5' wider than it was before. If you ask the 3 boats pulling out ahead of me though it's still only big enough for one 20' trailer and you must back down perfectly in the middle so no other boats can use the ramp at the same time come on people! Capt Kenton doesn't get mad, but he does get moderatly annoyed!


19 October 2016
Big Snook Hunt
Redfish Jumbo threadfins have been thick on C-span so instead of netting we sabik'ied, filled both livewells in 30 min then started our stud snook hunt. Ran up Matanzas but only found huge jacks and a 22" trout that ate a 7" bait, creeks just small snook. Ran back to the causeway and started fishing the bridge pilons and some of the deeper docks by pinning the big threadies on heavy snook jigs. Picked up a 21" gag, then a 32, 34 and 35" Snook. Big fat scared up dinosaurs great fun on heavy tackle with locked drags! Let the in-slot 32" fish live to fight another day.
Very large spanish macks hanging around C-span as well as an abundance of all sized baits.


09 October 2016 Redfish
I took some friends from the east coast in town as hurricane refugees out for an afternoon trip. Pretty day out. We launched at Punta Rassa and ran around the lighthouse for bait. They were in tight to the beach just over the first sand bar, blacked out the livewell with mostly 3-4" whitebaits in a couple of throws. Fairly windy from the NE so we ran back across to Bunche beach and fished the creeks. Wound up with over 30 Snook of varying sizes, a few very close to slot but none over, 3 slot redfish up to 23" and an assorted mix of snapper, grouper and jacks. Lots of fun steady action. Freelining baits with 30 floro, 2/0 owner mutus and no weight or bobbers. Very low tide fish were tight to the shorelines.


29 September 2016 triple tail
Fished with a buddy in lower Matlacha this morning. Dead low tide then incoming. Slower bite than last week and much smaller average size. Picked a few good trout off the oysters bars and then went deep for them. Fishing a 10-15' grassy drop off we got about 20 small but keeper. Somehow managed to catch a 19" triple tail on a gold fleck curly tail grub in the same spot.


21 September 2016 Trout selfie
Took the boat and the dog out for a few hours today, launched at Punta Rassa. Construction is well underway but it didn't cause much of a delay. Fished the oyster beds in Matlacha during a high outgoing tide and got 7 upper or over slot trout using hard jerk baits. Trick was to ease up current behind the bar the with trolling motor and throw on top. Fish was shallow right at the back edge of the bars.

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