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Snook fishing

Charter Types
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Inshore Fishing Charters

Mangrove snapperExperience some of the best fishing and most beautiful scenery that South West Florida has to offer. Whether you want to hunt down a trophy, go home with a cooler full of delicious fish, or show your children the joys of being on the water, I’ll put together your trip of a lifetime.

girls who fishWith an emphasis on a laid back fun day of catching fish, everything from baiting hooks, rigging and taking fish off will be taken care of for you. Depending on your preferences we can use live bait, artificial or both and with the diversity our area offers.

We can spend the morning in the backwater mangroves watching snook blast sardines and topwater, stalk the skinny water for tailing redfish, move to the grass flats and drift for gator trout, then head to the inlets for gag grouper, snapper, sheepshead tarpon and snook.

fat snookCobia, Sharks and Jack Crevalle also prowl the local waters and can be a surprise at anytime. You can also expect to see dolphins, manatees and a variety of marine birds.

Live bait will be caught and/or bought before the trip starts and I have high quality rods and reels, both spinning and bait casting professionally rigged for you to use.

Give me a call let's go catch some fish!! Click HERE for testimonials.

Custom Instructional Fishing Charters

“Catch Theory” - a contemplative and rational type thinking, based on variables and desired outcomes, intended to turn a day of fishing into a day of catching. You’ve heard it before, 10% of the people catch 90% of the fish and it couldn’t be more true. Why? Knowledge, skill and the willingness to constantly revise and adept.

Acquiring that knowledge and skill takes years of research and experience, they are the tools you use to be consistently successful. The more pieces to the puzzle you have, the more and bigger fish you are going to catch, period. Be the MacGyver of puzzle pieces. Go out and try your luck? Nah, better to take luck out of the equation.

This is a very different type of charter; think of it more as a personalized on the water interactive seminar. This is not “here is how you hook a shrimp” (so I don’t have to do it for you anymore) type of instruction.

Casting GIFFishing is a never ending quest to learn and improve, no matter how good you are, and if you are a beginner or new to saltwater the learning curve can be dauntingly steep. For those in that category, perfect the basics and keep building on it.

Everyone’s skill level and personal goals are very different, so these trips will be highly customized. We’ll spend some time on the phone before hand and build an agenda for the day. One that will maximize your improvement in the specific tools you need to catch more fish on your own.

I like catching fish, but what I really love, what gets me out of bed with a smile on my face before a trip, is the challenge of figuring out that fish on that day. Right rod, right reel, line, leader, knot, bait, hook, cast, type of retrieve, pause before the hook-set, all in the right spot at the right time, calculated and based on a nearly infinite list of variables. You’re Batman, the fish is the Riddler.

Trout and Red Map High tideOn these trips we’ll definitely have fun, and probably catch fish, but for me success will be measured by the improvement in your skills and the amount of information I’ve managed to download into your brain.

I have high quality rods and reels, both spinning and casting, for you to use, or we can rig up any of your personal gear. I can catch bait before the trip starts, or ride along with me and I’ll show you how it’s done.

Below is a list of topics we can do and/or discuss, regardless…, while we are on the water I’ll try to pass on as much as I can and explain the rationale behind what we are doing.

FG knotBasics:
• Map Study - our local waters as pertaining to fishing and boating.
• Fish Species - seasonal movements, preferred habitats.
• Rod and Reel Selection - cost pros/cons, and by species.
• Line and Terminal - line, leaders by species and structure, knots, hook selection.
• Casting Lessons - spinning and bait casting, distance vs accuracy, minimizing g-forces on live baits.

Intermediate to Advanced:
• The 5Ws of artificial lures. Keep it simple, cover more water, catch more fish. I'll show you the go-to baits, where and when to use them, and exaclty how to work them to targed one species or another.
• Live and dead bait. How to get it, how to use it. What catches what where and when.
• Triggering strikes, what to do when you get one, getting them to and in the boat.
• Analyzing shorelines, structure and current flow. Where the fish will hold by species.
• Oh, Flounder is bycatch and you can't target them? Not true! I'll show you how!

Call me @ (239) 220-0865 and put your favorite package together.

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I took some friends from the east coast in town as hurricane refugees out for an afternoon trip. Pretty day out. We launched at Punta Rassa and ran around the lighthouse for bait. They were in tight to the beach just over the first sand bar, blacked out the livewell with mostly 3-4" greenbacks in a couple of throws. Fairly windy from the NE so we ran back across to Bunche beach and fished the Redfishcreeks. Wound up with over 30 Snook of varying sizes, a few very close to slot but none over, 3 slot redfish up to 23" and an assorted mix of snapper, grouper and jacks. Lots of fun steady action. Freelining baits with 30 floro, 2/0 owner mutus and no weight or bobbers. Very low tide fish were tight to the shorelines.

•Anchoring accuratly using GPS trackline.
Description diagrams and additional tricks.....>>more

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12 hours worth of detailed in depth seminars FREE and starting early January 2017!

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